Salem United Church of Christ



Salem's Mission Statement

We the people of Salem United Church of Christ, seeking to be participants in God's mission and as followers of Jesus Christ and his teachings, commit ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit...
       ...To honor God and all humanity;
       ...To witness to God's unfailing love by our daily words and deeds;
       ...To love through our compassion and support for those who are troubled        
           and in need;
       ...To claim the courage to work for justice;
       ...To protect the earth;
       ...And to destroy the yoke of oppression, poverty and prejudice in our
          community and the world;
       ...To support one another as we strive to fulfill this statement of mission both
          individually and as a congregation".

Love in Action
Love in Action

'Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.'—1 John 3:18
This year the Junior Class is working with the theme 'Love in action"