Salem United Church of Christ


            Our Annual 'Praise and Picnic' worship service will be held June 24th-10:00AM at the Church following regular worship and a
 Mortgage Burning Ceremony.  
Sign up now to let us know how many family members plan on attending.  Grilled burgers and hotdogs will be provided but we ask
                           you please to bring a salad, dessert or some other special dish to be served. Come join us surrounded by God's creation!


Repainting Church Office
  • Repainting Church Office
  • Refurbishing Room for Learning Center
  • Refurbishing Extra Room for Learning Center
  • Side Walk Repair
  • Sidewalk Repairs
  • Halloween
  • Halloween Headshots
  • Halloween Guest
  • Halloween Guests
  • You Are Not Alone

Visit to Beth-El Synagogue

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